Urban construction maintenance

Changchun Urban Construction and Maintenance Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as the Green Garden District Municipal Facilities Maintenance Management Office established in Changchun Green Garden District), originated in 1996 and is now under the jurisdiction of Zhongqing Group. It is an important business sector under Zhongqing Group, specializing in the operation and maintenance of urban infrastructure. After years of vigorous development, technological innovation, and performance accumulation, the company has now become a national high-tech enterprise, a "specialized, refined, and new" enterprise in Changchun City, a "little giant" enterprise in Changchun City, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and a municipal industrial technology research and development center. Passed ISO certification for three major systems.

The company has always firmly grasped the core business related to urban infrastructure, deeply cultivated and developed solidly. It has now formed a business system with two core businesses of urban infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance as the pillars, driven by dual wheels of parallel development. At the same time, taking into account relevant diversified development strategies, we have gradually expanded and extended products and services such as environmental sanitation, landscaping, water conservation, rail transit maintenance, housing construction, research and development and production of new building materials, and property services. Further enriching the company's product line and forming a comprehensive service capability, we can provide customers with more comprehensive, humanized, and customized services.

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The South Fourth Ring Road Undercrossing Linhe Street Project: The starting point is located on Yitong River Hedi East Road, and the ending point is connected to the Jianeco Square Interchange. The planned road grade is urban expressway, with a planned red line width of 71-122.25 meters and a total length of 2495.084 meters. This project is of great significance for the planning of the road network, regional economic development, and optimization of the comprehensive transportation system in Changchun City.



The construction project of Changchun City's two horizontal and three vertical expressways includes the improvement of the main bridge body, including anti-collision walls, expansion joints, road and bridge deck pavement, etc. The road area is 89872 square meters, and the drainage pipeline is 7749 meters. The project construction has driven the development of the new area and promoted the optimization of transportation in various urban areas and development zones.



Jiefang Road and Jingyang Road (Yongji Street Puyang Square) in Changchun City are important components of the city's east-west main axis. The road has a total length of 5200 meters and a width of 41-51 meters. The specific content of the renovation includes the renovation of motor vehicle lanes, slow traffic systems, street light updates, greening improvement, underground pipeline landing, and new bus stops and pavilions. The renovated Jiefang Road will merge with Jilin Road to become the most beautiful Yingbin Avenue in Changchun City, adding new business cards to the city!