ZONBONG environment

Zhongbang Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Zhongbang Environment) was established in 2008 and has grown into the largest landscaping and ecological governance enterprise in Northeast China. In recent years, the company has closely followed the national development strategy, focusing on key strategic areas such as the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. It has implemented a national layout based in Changchun, with development footprints covering core areas such as Beijing, Xiong'an, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Sichuan, Fujian, and Guangdong. The company closely focuses on the four core businesses of landscape architecture, ecological governance, urban renewal, and digital management and maintenance. It has passed ISO certification for three major systems and national high-tech enterprise certification, and has more than 60 patent certificates and software copyrights. It is renowned in the industry for its comprehensive EPC project management system. In development practice, Zhongbang Environment integrates upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain through capital promotion, model driven, and design leadership, Make every effort to build a beautiful China and become a responsible enterprise and professional force for "Green and Beautiful China".




West Lake Project: Changchun West Lake Park is located in the western part of Changchun, formerly known as the Xixin Reservoir in Changchun City. In 2003, it was renamed Changchun West Lake. The ecological environment improvement project in the West Lake area, also known as West Lake Park, began construction in 2020. The project covers an area of 2526527 square meters, of which the landscape occupies approximately 2347545 square meters of ground area and the municipal road covers an area of approximately 178982 square meters. According to the green and livable forest urban planning of Changchun City, the nature of West Lake Park is a specialized park green space, with a theme style of bird habitat and wetland park. The park is designed with the theme of "Nesting to attract Phoenix and Live Vigorously", symbolizing the use of the original bird habitat of West Lake.




The Meihekou Project, a water storage project (PPP) in Lilu Township, Meihekou City, Jilin Province ("Meihekou Project"), is considered a key project by the local government in Meihekou City. The purpose of the Meihekou project is to build an urban leisure park around the Hailong Lake water storage facility in Lilu County, Meihekou City, Jilin Province. The contract amount between our group and PPP project company for this project is RMB 402.0 million, with a total area of approximately 1.1 square kilometers, including commercial, leisure, and garden areas. The services we provide for this project include planting trees and constructing bridges, pavilions, antique buildings, and garden stone landscapes. The project started construction in 2017 and completed all construction projects in August 2020.




The Changchun Baili Yitong River System Ecological Governance Project (EPC Project) is a large-scale water governance EPC project in the Dongxinkai River Basin, which includes two stages of ecological management and restoration in the Dongxinkai River Basin. The contract amount is approximately RMB 1392.3 million. We participated in the Dongxinkai River project to assist in purifying the severely polluted water source and improving its ecological environment in the Dongxinkai River basin (approximately 16.8 kilometers long and covering an area of approximately 60 square kilometers), as the river was severely polluted by household and construction waste before the project was launched in 2016. Our services include (i) pollution control engineering, greening and landscaping of surrounding areas; (ii) Planting grass at the ditch location; And (iii) Install rainwater gardens and pave permeable roads.