Company Profile

Beijing ZONQING (Group) Co., Ltd. is the our main domestic subsidiary of ZONQING Environmental Limited; It owns four business segment subsidiaries: Zhongqing Taihe Commercial Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. , Jinghe Design Group Co., Ltd., ZONBONG Ecological Environment Co., Ltd. and Changchun Urban Construction Maintenance Group Co., Ltd., covering the business of planning and operation of business travel projects, survey and design, landscape and ecological restoration, urban infrastructure operation and maintenance and environmental sanitation integration.

The Group is committed to becoming a senior integrated urban operation service in China, which integrates investment, planning, construction, maintenance and operation Business.

Existing products:

Urban renewal: industrial heritage transformation, historical and cultural blocks, parks upgrading, street road upgrading to create a new urban pattern and revitalize the city. Since the Chinese government vigorously advocated urban renewal in 2019, the company has responded positively, and built a number of representative projects through the integrated large-scale collaborative service mode such as operation front: Nanling 1932 Water Culture Park, Changchun Commercial Port and other projects have rejuvenated the old industrial relics and become the punching place in online celebrity; The renovation of Renmin street, Jiefang Road and Century-old Nanhu Bridge has given the city a new look, enhanced its functions, activated its existing assets, upgraded its backward industries and inherited its historical context.

Urban Landscaping: Take the whole city or urban green space system as the research object, and make overall planning and design for road squares, waterfront green spaces, parks and gardens within the city; Constructing a new paradigm of ecologically livable urban landscaping complex. Formed a six-in-one core technology system; Integrate ecology, science and technology, culture and art. A number of our landscaping projects have won excellent construction projects in China and become a new model in the industry.

Municipal infrastructure construction: To be a service provider for the construction and maintenance of urban infrastructure through the construction and maintenance of urban roads, public transportation, water supply, drainage, sanitation, sewage treatment, garbage disposal, flood control, underground public facilities and ancillary facilities, pipelines and equipment installation.

Ecological Restoration: Through the top-level design at the basin level and the city level, with the goal of improving the comprehensive regional environment, the top-level design scheme is provided for the sustainable development of the city by adopting the precise management of one policy and the intelligent operation and maintenance of the whole life cycle. The project types mainly include the comprehensive management of the basin, the treatment of black and odorous water bodies, the remediation of mine soil , the improvement of rural environment, the construction of sponge cities, and the intelligent water system. "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", taking improving and upgrading the quality of urban and rural water environment as its own responsibility, is committed to urban and rural water environment management and ecological restoration, and has successively participated in national water ecological management projects such as the treatment of black and odorous water body in Changchun, water environment management in the southern section of Yitong River, and the East Liaohe River Basin. Cooperate with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences and other top environmental protection research institutions to develop a systematic management scheme of "combining control, treating the waterfront and the landscape environment together", so as to realize the beauty of clean water, the harmony of water and city, and create a new business card for urban ecology.

Urban construction maintenance+sanitation: including infrastructure maintenance on urban roads, bridges and etc., city and urban sanitation.