ZONQING Commercial Management

The mission of Zhongqing Commercial Management is to "create high-quality projects and operate a better life", relying on two national strategies of urban renewal and rural revitalization, focusing on multiple fields such as urban commerce, cultural scenic spots, historical blocks, urban parks, and industrial parks.

Through years of experience accumulation, the company has formed a service management system that covers the entire cycle of planning, planning, design, engineering, and operation. We have conducted multiple typical cases of asset revitalization operations, and through project lifecycle management, we have fully realized the ecological, aesthetic, cultural, economic, living, and social values of assets, achieving a win-win situation for the government, enterprises, and the public.

Zhongqing Commercial Management is committed to making cities better and rural areas wealthier.






The first phase of the Changchun New Area North Lake Cultural and Tourism Industry Integration and Improvement Project Tourism Infrastructure Transformation and Improvement Project: As an important IP address for the Changchun New Area cultural and tourism project, North Lake Park is an important destination for residents to travel around the city and take micro vacations. Changchun New Area has carefully planned the "Liudi Four Seasons" series of activities, and the successfully held North Lake "Liudi Spring Festival" and "Liudi Summer Festival" have attracted nearly 200000 citizens, In autumn and winter, "Liudi Lotus Appreciation Festival" and "Liudi Ice and Snow Festival" will also be held. During the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, the North Lake Park will also continue to hold festivals with traditional cultural characteristics, create a festival cultural and tourism activity IP with the characteristics of Changchun New Area, and bring tourists a different sense of four seasons experience.